Thursday, January 10, 2013

UK tour operator is looking for employees for the best job in the world

One of the largest UK tour operators announced a competition for the vacancy of the tester. The job there and then named the best job in the world, as First Choice are looking for the post of Officer tester water slides. It is important to note that the salary for this job is 20 000 pounds a year.

Needed a new employee of the company after the previous employee wanted a break from the constant "pokatushek", which he worked for the past four years.

The duties of the tester is to check the water slides 20 different resorts with water parks during the summer months. The tester should just ride a roller coaster and to assess the quality of attractions and distribute slides rated.

Also in the duties of the employee will be to promote parks in social networks.

The lucky pick in April this year. He will have to sign a contract with the semi. After that, he expects a salary of 20,000 pounds to cover all travel expenses for the resorts, as well as week-long trip for two on the tour.

According to the company Luke Gaskins, this is one of the most exciting jobs in the world, as the work is taking place in water parks best hotels in the world in constant play.

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